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Welcome to Library of the Ministry of Health, Republic of Indonesia...

Library of the Ministry of Health is located at the KEMKES building in Jakarta, Indonesia. Our library is unique with warm, cheerful and friendly ambiance of a Cafe in contrast to serious atmosphere of traditional libraries.

The library serves the information needs of policy makers, researchers, scientists and health professionals in Indonesia. It functions as the primary source of health information for Indonesia and Indonesian health information to the region and beyond.

The Library also advocates, promotes and supports health information management and dissemination activities in Indonesia through National Health Literature, Library and Information Services (HELLIS) network and in collaboration with the WHO Country Office for Indonesia.

Collections of our library can be searched by TYPING YOUR SEARCH WORDS INTO THE SEARCH BOX ABOVE and CLICK at "Go". Alternatively, library catalogues can also be searched through well-known reference management applications such as EndNote®, ReferenceManager®, ProCite®, BookWhere® etc. or with any SRW/U clients at perpustakaan.kemkes.go.id:11001/biblios.

For your information needs, please contact MoH library during office hours at the location mentioned above.

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Pusat Komunikasi Publik, Kementerian Kesehatan,
Republk Indonesia

SEADHIN Workshop

A Workshop on management and dissemination of Disaster Health Information in WHO South-East Asia Region was organized on 15 - 25 November, 2009 at the Gran Melia Hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The workshop was attended by Emergency and Humanitarian Action specialists from WHO SEAR Member States, National HELLIS librarians and WHO staff members in the region. As part of the programme participants visited the Perpustakaan Kementerian Kesehatan (photo left).

Staff members of Perpustakaan also participated in the meeting. Seen here (photo right) are Mr Agus Supriadi (with eyeglasses) from Perpustakaan Kementerian Kesehatan together Ms Intani Nur Kusuma and Mr Zacky Irvan from the WHO Country Office for Indonesia, participating in the workshop.

The workshop laid down foundations on identification, selection, processing, archival and dissemination of disaster health information in the region and agreed Perpustakaan Kementerian Kesehatan to be the national focal point for disaster health information activities in Indonesia.

Pusat Komunikasi Publik, Kementerian Kesehatan,
Republk Indonesia