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National Strategy To Countermeasures Japanese Encephalitis 2023-2027

 Penulis: dr. Asik Surya, M.P.P.M ; Prof. Dr. dr. Elisabeth Siti Herini, Sp.A(K); dr. Agung Triono, Sp.A(K); dr. Denny W Sigarlaki, M.Sc Sp. A(K); dr. Dian K Nurputra M.Sc, PhD, Sp.A; dr. Marissa Leviani Hadiyanto; dr. Veronica Wulan Wijayanti ; Deni Harbianto, SE, M.EK; dr. Riris Andono Ahmad, MPH, PhD  Kategori: Pengajuan ISBN  Penerbit: Kementerian Kesehatan  Halaman: 66  Negara: Indonesia  Bahasa: Inggris  Ukuran: 25 x 16 cm  Editor: Dr. Agus Handito, S.K.M., M.Epid

Japanese Encephalitis (JE) is an endemic disease that spreads in many Asian regions
and is estimated to account for about 17% of the estimated global burden of
infectious diseases. As a vector-borne disease, JE prevention requires collaborative
actions from various sectors, particularly those of human, animal and environmental
This National Strategies document consists of six chapters, namely Introduction;
Situation Analysis, Challenges and Strategic Issues; Objectives and Targets; Strategies
and Interventions; Budget and Financing; Implementation and Targets and
appendices to support the chapters’ contents.

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