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Storytelling merupakan salah satu kegiatan rutin yang diselenggarakan oleh Perpustakaan Kementerian Kesehatan RI. Sasarannya adalah anak-anak.

Kunjungan langsung untuk wawancara, diskusi, konsultasi, dll Quuntur magni dolores eos qui…

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Citing and referencing for a piece of academic work we enable others to verify facts more easily.

Learn about the library rules and find out how to effectively find, borrow and renew literature.

Comfortable working space is highly important for students and staff, which we are happy to offer!

At your disposal are copy machines, scanners, and photocopiers that always work impeccably.


Alur pengajuan ISBN/KDT

Among our collections, you will find multiple archives with unique samples, articles, and books.